Thursday, January 2, 2014

why I got into this business

  I don't remember ever thinking as a child, "gee, I want to sell houses when I grow up." Yet here I am. 
  I became obsessed with real estate about 7 years ago when we bought our first house. (I have a tendency to get obsessed about stuff. I had a music phase, art phase, horticulture - I could go on and on.) Our realtor was so fabulous, but so nice and down to earth. She had a nice car that was always clean. She seemed so happy and successful. She had a blackberry which she took all her notes on as she worked. (funny how much technology has changed in just a few years!) 
  After our first real estate transaction, I spent a lot of time watching HGTV and studying real estate related material online. (my feelings toward HGTV now are vastly different, I must say!) 
  So a few years later I finally decided to try it out myself. This was 2011, mind you. Realtors were no longer fabulous. They were struggling in a horrible market. Homes were listed at all-time low prices. 
  I felt like people thought I was crazy getting into the market during such a horrible economy. But I was determined to be successful. I finally listened to my own heart. 
  It was very stressful, though, don't get me wrong. I found out how dog-eat-dog some people can be in this business. It's not really as glamorous as I thought. 
  What made it worth it was the people I met. Because prices were so low, I met many young people who were able to take advantage of the market. They were able to buy a nice house to start out their family. My first clients were the sweetest, most patient people. I usually cried when it was time to give them the keys to their home. It was such an emotional high to be part of such a huge event in people's lives. 
  I have learned many lessons during these past 2 years. It's been quiet a roller coaster. 2012 I did really well, but 2013 was tough. I figure it can only get better, right? All I can do is look forward. What I like about real estate is that there are always changes. It's not boring. 

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